“The Sheffield Philharmonic are singing better than ever”
The Daily Telegraph, October 2001
Darius Battiwalla conducted his first big work with seemingly revelatory results”
Sheffield Telegraph, review of Vaughan Williams’s Sea Symphony, June 2001.
“The disc begins with a rousing workers’ paean from the Sheffield Philharmonic Choir.”
The Times, review of Shostakovich Film Music, vol.1 (CHAN10023).
“Rarely can a Philharmonic performance of Handel’s oratorio have been better than this. Every chorus they sang was noteworthy for its bite, pliancy and clarity of line [...] The Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus, in superb voice, sounded positively inspired”
Sheffield Telegraph, review of Handel’s Messiah, December 2001.
“Having taken part in seven major symphony concerts and two prestigious disc releases over the past year, the Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus are the chorus most in demand in this part of the world”
Yorkshire Post.
“The Phil were in magnificent voice again”
review of Bach’s Magnificat, March 2001.
“The Chorus’s hushed entry was magical, and throughout their brief appearance they were in fine form, bringing the work to a thrilling conclusion”
Yorkshire Post, review of Mahler’s Symphony No.2, March 2002.
“The major glory was the Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus. Diction was exceptional, balance and tone colour excellent. There was genuine excitement in the singing”
review of Mozart’s Requiem, January 2001.
“Rumon Gamba draws superb playing from the BBC Philharmonic, with haunting vocal effect from Merryn Gamba and the Sheffield Philharmonic Choir.”
The Guardian, review of Vaughan Williams Film Music, vol.1 (CHAN10007).
“Throughout, the choral singing was very fine, with excellent clarity of diction, and the hushed passages were of the most beautiful quality”
Yorkshire Post review of Verdi’s Requiem, September 2001.
“From the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire, the Sheffield Phil is in tremendous form singing the praises of the Soviet State with a gusto that would put to shame Russian choirs.” — “Performance Five stars!
Yorkshire Post, review of Shostakovich Film Music, vol.1 (CHAN10023).
“I thought Saturday”s performance of the Verdi Requiem one of the musical highlights of my life”
Dr Fanny Waterman, letter to the Yorkshire Post, May 2000.