Concert stage procedure

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Seating Arrangement

Seats are unallocated within each voice part, except on occasions for semi-chorus seating. Your seat for the afternoon rehearsal is your place for the concert but tallest people should sit towards the back, or the outsides of the row, because of sight lines.

The Membership Officer is responsible for seating so please be prepared to move if asked either by him or by a Section Rep.

Presentation — Afternoon Rehearsal

Latecomers must wait for a suitable break before joining the body of the Chorus. If the Conductor releases the Chorus early but keeps the orchestra onstage, leave very quickly and in complete silence or remain until the orchestra finish. After the conductor is finished with us, wait to hear Darius’s comments before leaving for the break before the concert, either on stage if the orchestral rehearsal is over, or elsewhere if not.

Presentation — Concert

Professional — i.e., correct concert dress, no fidgeting with music, no bottles of water and no waving to the audience. No talking from when the first violinist stands to tune the orchestra up.

Concert Dress

Men — dinner jacket (unbuttoned), white shirt (plain or wing collar), black bow tie, black shoes, black socks. No waistcoats, cummerbunds or breast pocket handkerchiefs.

Women — all black (including socks), formal, full-length wear, with sash worn on outside shoulder. For full details of dress see separate sheet.

Perfume/aftershave should not be used for either rehearsal or concert due to possible allergic reactions.

Platform Procedure

  • Don’t obstruct the stairways when you’re queuing up to go on stage as the orchestra have to go up and down — and be particularly sensitive to those carrying instruments.
  • FRONT ROW leads on — folders under outward facing arm.
  • Sit down immediately on reaching your seat
  • STAND as one body when the leader of the orchestra stands to take welcoming applause and either sit when he/she sits or REMAIN STANDING ready to sing.
  • If we are not singing in the first half, then we are “as audience” so remain seated at all times.
  • INTERVAL: BACK ROW leads off (and also at end of concert). Leave folders on seats.
  • AT END OF CONCERT — remain standing, close scores when applause begins. Only applaud soloists etc when they return on stage having taken initial applause.

Members’ Area